Friday, August 12, 2011

Didn't Mama Always Tell You...

   ...not to waste your food? There are starving children in Africa!

   No really, there are. East Africa is currently going through the worst drought (<-Link to NY Times Article) that it's seen in 60 years. That coupled with the constant warring and political crises, mainly in Somalia, has brought famine to itself and many of the surrounding countries.

Recent photo taken of Somalia Food Crisis

   As reported Here by the NY Times, the lack of food is also due to the fleeing of aide workers from the country. The article reports at least 20 murders among the workers during the time it was written in 2008. The ruling Islam extremists labeled them as "infidels" and began a "terror campaign" against them. The article also (briefly) theorizes that the killings and abductions were the work of covert Western government operations aiding anti-Western Islamic groups to make the country's state seem more chaotic than it really is.
   In any case, the country is now sending its pleas to allow the UN aide workers back into Somalia to help deal with the growing starvation rates, but the UN itself is wary of sending its people back into a potential death-trap - so now, 3.7 million people are in danger of dying from hunger.
   So what can we expect to see, if we don't do something (donating, volunteering) to help? The usual exploitation. Ad campaigns featuring children thinner than skeletons. Distended bellies. Disease. Twisted, bony limbs and eyes filled with pain and suffering. All of these images staring you in the face to the tune of sad, emotional music. Can you really stand to see our people put on display like stricken animals in a commercial for the ASPCA?
   There are many answers and promises that need to be found before the UN decides to send physical aide to those countries in need, but the least that we're doing is allowing aerial food drops to certain areas. So, for the time-being, what can we do, besides digging deep into our pockets for the little extra change we may have and dropping it into the proverbial Red Cross piggy bank? There are a few websites where one can simply employ the use of their minds to donate a few grains of rice, some sacks of flour, and a couple drops of water to these and other starving countries. Click the links below to get started - and to refresh your vocabulary and geography knowledge.

   Free Flour Donation Game

   Free Rice Donation Game

   Free Poverty Donation Game

Recent Photo Taken of Somalia Food Crisis

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  1. I exploited, just a little. These photos horrify me as well. But this is our homeland. You can spare some time to help your mother cook dinner, can't you?