Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Book of the Month: Black No More

   To stay on the topic of skin lightening creams and the general attitude surrounding the fad of "Light is Brighter, White is Better!" - the novel by George S. Schuyler, "Black No More", is a great science-fiction example of the possible consequences of making this "fad" into a movement.

   The plot centers around a young Afro-American man named Max Disher, who, after being dumped by his hard-to-please girlfriend - a high "yallah" flapper named Minnie - sets out to a New Years Eve dance party at the Honky Tonk Club with his old and dear friend, Bunny. There, Max locks eyes on the most beautiful white woman he'd ever seen - and suffers almost immediate rejection. Other elements to the plot are swiftly introduced - like the electro-shock therapy developed by Dr. Junius Crookman to erase all traces of melanin and kinky hair from the Afro-American body. After the clinics are established, Max Disher, along with tens of thousands of black people, decide it's time to make the switch, and get white. Max goes after his girl, and the rest of the world simply boils over with outrage and racism.

   Grab your library card or find a Barnes & Nobles - or you can simply find the book (or most of it) online in Google Books here. Either way, enjoy the read. At the end of the month, come back and join me in an open discussion, and open your minds to the genius of George S. Schuyler.

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